One on One Lesson with Daniel

Daniel Tenbusch teaches one-on-one music lessons over Zoom at the competitive rate of $50/hour for one lesson. To schedule a lesson with Daniel, email him at with what you are interested in getting out of one-on-one lessons, then find an available time on and book your first lesson.

"Playing and working on music is the most fun and joy filling thing I do! The more I learn and grow as a musician, the more fun I have playing, and that’s the mentality I bring to teaching. Everyone who plays music has their own unique voice and taste. I’ll give you the tools you need and show you how to practice to become the best musical version of yourself! We’ll work together towards your personal goals. 

I believe that by understanding the music you’re learning to play, you will not only get so much more enjoyment out of playing and listening to music, but you will be a much stronger musician and artist. So when we study music together, we won’t just learn music off a page, we’ll always be discussing the simple theory behind what we are doing. 

I am also a big believer in playing with good technique and without tension. There is only so much you can do without a good foundation, and you’ll hit so many barriers if you approach the piano with tension. Meeting regularly with a teacher can be huge for preventing the development of bad habits (that could lead to pain and possibly injury!) 

I’m really looking forward to meeting you! We’ll have a lot of fun learning piano together." - Daniel Tenbusch 

"Daniel Tenbusch is a fantastic teacher. I cannot recommend him enough. He is friendly, fun, talented and a great person. He is my son's favorite piano teacher and has inspired in him a great joy for playing. To me, this is the most important attribute in a teacher, but Daniel's skills are also top notch and he is able to teach them eloquently to his students. If you want to have fun getting better at playing piano, Daniel is the person to choose." ~ Ryan S.